Professional Stone Sealing and Grinding for Melbourne

Why pay for brand new stone when you can have your existing stone repaired or restored for a fraction of the price. At Stone Restoration Australia, our stone grinding, polishing, honing and sealing services are ideal for marble, granite, limestone, terrazzo, bluestone plus many more and work on anything from vanities, bench tops, floor tiles, pavers and fire places.


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Services include stone sealing, grinding, corking, honing, cleaning, polishing, chip removal and stain removal. We are able to provide services on materials including marble, blue stone, granite, sand stone, limestone, terrazzo, slate, onyx, cesar stone, travertine and concrete.


Pretty much any service to get your worn or damaged stone looking brand new again. We also offer maintenance plans to keep stone looking spectacular all the time. Regular maintenance also will increase the life of your stone, not only its natural beauty.


Our services can be performed on floor tiles, walls, bench tops, vanities, outdoor pavers, tables, fireplaces and nearly any thing stone across Melbourne and the surrounding area.


We also offer products for do it yourself maintenance, feel free to call us and ask about them, or visit our Online Store.


See below for the services in detail...


Stone grinding

Grinding is the process by which the surface is aggressively sanded or cut to remove large stocks of the stone. This process is usually recommended when stone tiles are uneven. Lippage is the term given to uneven tiles that are set higher than one another. Stone grinding is recommended when the lippage exceeds 1/8 inch or if one desires to have a completely flat floor.


There are some very good reasons for grinding a stone floor flat. A flat floor is easier to maintain; since there will be no lips where dirt can accumulate. The grinding process will also eliminate depressed grout joints—the grout will be even with the tile's surface so that dirt and grime can't accumulate.


A completely flat floor eliminates all unevenness, giving the floor the illusion of being monolithic (one piece). Through stone grinding we can get 99 percent of stone looking brand new again, even stone over 100 years old, which we have done in the past. 



Honing is the process of smoothing the stone with the use of abrasives. At SRA we use diamond abrasives, which give a better quality cut and finish than the other methods. Honing will remove scratches, stains, ware, but won’t remove lippage or though it will round off edges and give a more uniform appearance.


In a lot of cases honing is all that’s needed to get you stone looking spectacular again. We also perform a hone finish, which is a honed floor not finished to a polish. Instead of a polish we us an abrasive powder which leaves your stone with a satin or mat finish.


Why opt for a honed finish? A hone finish makes your stone less prone to ware and scratches, it also shows a lot less dirt than a polished floor, which means a lot less cleaning.



Polishing is usually preformed after a grind and hone to bring stone back to a shine. In some cases where the stone is in fairly good condition a polish is all that may be needed to bring back a shine.


Here at SRA we only use the best quality natural polishes, which give the best quality reflection and shine.


Stone sealing

Sealing is one of the most important things you can do to protect your stone. Even when you buy brand new stone it will still need to be sealed to maximize its life. For most stones we use a penetrating sealer, which sinks under the surface of the stone, protecting from oil and water stains and helps to prevent acid staining.


Stone sealing does not affect the shine or finish of your stone like waxes and topical sealers do. Our sealers leave your stone looking natural and beautiful. We only use the best quality sealer to protect your stone for years to come.


Free Quote & Test Patch


All stone is different so we offer a test patch for our Melbourne area residential customers with our quotes so you know what you’re paying for before you get it.


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