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Natural Stone Polishing and Sealing in Melbourne

When it comes to maintaining the appearance of stone and protecting it from future wear and tear, polishing and sealing are essential. Polishes can help to give stone a fantastic finish, while sealants protect the stone from water, oil and some acids that can cause unsightly staining and damage.

At Stone Restoration Australia, we can assist you with natural stone polishing and sealing in Melbourne and across Australia to help keep your stone in excellent condition. Continue reading to learn more about our stone polishing and sealing services.

Stone Sealing

Stone sealing is an essential step when it comes to protecting stone from damage. Even brand new stone will need to be sealed, helping to maximise its life span. At Stone Restoration Australia, we can perform stone sealing in Melbourne for a wide range of stone types. For the majority of stones, our team uses a penetrating sealer that is absorbed under the surface and works to provide protection from water, oil and acid staining.

Unlike waxes or topical sealers, our stone sealing doesn’t impact on the finish or shine of your stone. We use only the highest quality sealers to ensure your stone is left looking beautiful and natural as well as being adequately protected.

Natural Stone Polishing

After stone has been grinded and honed, a polish is usually applied to help give the stone its shine back. When the stone is in good condition, the application of polish may be all that is necessary to bring back a shine. At Stone Restoration Australia, we use high-quality natural polishes that have been specially selected to deliver the best reflection and shine for your stone. Contact our team today to learn more about our available polishes and finishes.

Enquire About Our Natural Stone Polishing and Sealing in Melbourne Today

To obtain more information about our services in natural stone polishing and sealing, get in touch with our team of experts today. Call us on 0422 972 436 to discuss your requirements and request a free quote, or send us an online enquiry and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.